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Fruitbook Gida is an official Turkish company offering you fresh fruits and vegetables in wholesales. High quality products and excellent prices allow the company to maintain successful cooperation with customers.


Our packing companies are located in the Turkish cities of Mersin, Antalya, Alashehir and Bursa.


As end exporter, we set the most optimal market prices available;  deliver promptly and uninterruptedly;  guarantee the requested volume of the products for our customers.


Working with us ensures you bypassing any chain of intermediaries and obtaining first-hand products, preserving their pristine freshness and quality.

We work 24/7,

365 days

Individual approach towards each clients

Cooperation on terms of mutual understandings

Prompt  and on time delivery

Provision of high quality service

Work closely with numerous Federal Networks

У нас широчайший ассортимент: 


- цитрусовых

- овощей

- фруктов

- ягод


Вся продукция выского качества, свежая и отобранная нашими экспертами. Более подбробно изучить наш ассортимент вы можете, нажав на кнопку ниже.

We have 2 representative offices in Russia:


- St. Petersburg

- Novorossiysk


Worldwide instant delivery of orders.

If you want to ask questions or place an order, please contact our manager by leaving a request below